Generate Sales One Pagers at scale with AI analyzes your call notes and generates sales one-pagers to help you close more deals.

Create One-Pager

Follow-up process that gets you more customers simplifies the follow-up process by creating personalized mini-sites for your buyers' needs - just click after your sales call to generate them automatically.

Sell with your buyers words

No added friction to your work

We will gather the relevant buyer information from every Zoom call and generate a one-pager to summarize it. You only need to review it, and send it out!

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Benefits of AI-powered Sales One pagers

Customization: Our AI assistant can create one-pagers that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of each customer.

Efficiency: Meeple can automate the creation of one-pagers, allowing Account Executives to save time and focus on other tasks.

Scalability: AI can handle the creation of one-pagers for a large number of customers, making it easy to scale sales efforts.

Sell with your buyers' words

So easy to set up

Create an account
Connect your Zoom account or manually add your call notes
Generate pages at scale
Set up AI Assistant

Sales one-pager design that buyers love


What is the best sales one pager?

The best sales one pager communicates your buyer's needs and problems and how you can fix them. You should not add marketing fluff to it, and list your features. Your buyer needs to see that you've listened to them, and that your follow up material reflect that. You're able to do that and more with Meeple, because you'll always follow up with relevant information that is directly extracted from your call with that prospect. See how to do that here.

Can I standardize one-pager template for a specific sales channel?

Yes, you can. You can create one standardized one-pager using and then you can duplicate the same style + content to create new ones for other prospects.

Can I create a one-pager sales template with

Yes, you can create a one-pager sales template, and reuse them for new clients.