Generate Marketing One Pagers at scale with AI enables sales teams to generate custom one-pagers from their call notes, on their own. No more ad-hoc requests for custom one-pagers to the marketing team.

Generate one-pager

Follow-up process that gets you more customers simplifies the follow-up process by creating personalized mini-sites for your buyers' needs - just click after your sales call to generate them automatically.

Sell with your buyers words

No added friction to your work

We will gather the relevant buyer information from every Zoom call and generate a one-pager to summarize it. You only need to review it, and send it out!

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Benefits of AI-powered Marketing One pagers

Customization: Our AI assistant can create one-pagers that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of each customer.

Efficiency: Meeple can automate the creation of one-pagers, allowing marketers to save time and focus on other tasks.

Accuracy: Meeple can analyze large amounts of data and extract relevant information, ensuring that the one-pagers are accurate and up-to-date.

Sell with your buyers' words

So easy to set up

Create an account
Connect your Zoom account or manually add your call notes
Generate pages at scale
Set up AI Assistant

Marketing one-pager design that buyers love


How can I create a marketing one-pager with Meeple?

There are two ways how you can create one-pagers with Meeple.

You can go the manual route that allows you to add your call notes, or you can integrate your Zoom account so that we extract the information directly from the call.

After you do the manual or automatic step, you'll be able to generate these one-pages at scale, and personalized for every prospect that comes in your marketing funnel. See how this works in detail.

Can I create a marketing one-pager template

Yes, you can create your own company template and then re-use it for your next prospects.

What to include in a marketing one pager

Your marketing one pager should communicate how you solve relevant pain points for specific buyer with your unique offerings. You should not include a lot of feature talk. With you automatically extract the pain points + relevant solutions for a specific buyer making the one-pagers you create always personalized and relevant for a specific use-cases.

What is the best marketing one pager design?

The short answer: The design that relates to your company brand.

The long answer: The design of your one pager comes secondary to your content, so your number one priority should always be to provide useful insight in these documents, than how good or brand-alike they look.