AI-powered one pagers: Sell with your buyers words

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Anita Kirkovska

Micro Portals - Getting sales teams and clients on the same page

Meet Dan. 

Dan is an AE at a tech firm that sells data solutions. 

He is very hardworking and always tries to cut through the noise to create new business opportunities. 

But, as a result of Covid, his buyers' habits of evaluating and making purchase decisions for his product have permanently changed. They are independent and ask Dan to provide more information about the product in a self-serve format so they can evaluate it with other stakeholders.

To keep up with these new needs, Dan tries to experiment with new tools or types of content, such as text, video or no-code websites.

However, this creates a new challenge for him.

Although he knows that he can accomplish more with tech tools, learning new tools takes a lot of time that he does not have. 

And, who can blame him? 

His pipeline is already full with prospects that he needs to follow up with. How can he possibly handle one more task?

Something is missing. 

Account Executives need access to frictionless, intuitive and easy to use communication tools that will make their work more efficient, not more complicated. 

Enter, MicroPortal. 

MicroPortal brings both sales teams and clients on the same page, literally. With the least friction too.


Account Executives can drive deals between sales meetings by engaging prospects at every stage of the sales cycle with personalized content using reusable micro-portals.

These micro-portals can be reused indefinitely, so AEs only need to build them once and forget about them.

Types of mini-sites you can build

Using MicroPortal, Account Executives can build delightful experiences for their prospects in just 1 minutes – for every stage of the sales cycle.

Let’s look at some examples.

For inbound leads

Leads are taken to a portal when they book a demo call outlining the agenda, what information they should prepare, and more details about the service they are interested in. Then they are served with a mini-site that outlines how your solution can solve their pain-point. If you want to see a demo from this template, let us know!

Follow up after a discovery call

An AE can follow up directly from their email client with a reusable micro-portal that can include summary of the sales call, next steps, important legal information and refresher demo. Here are some examples that you can try if you want to use mini-portals to follow up on your sales calls.

Sales Mutual Action Plan

A micro-portal that can keep everyone on the same page as the deal progresses forward. If you want to see how this template works, check this example.

How to build mini sites using MicroPortal

Types of content 

To add to your micro-portal AEs can start with templates or with a blank page. Either way, if they need to edit or create new content, they can use the editor.

In the editor, they can add and edit text, embed anything across the internet, upload files, set up tasks, and share links as easy as writing a document. 

Embedded content

In the current version you can embed many things like:

  1. Google Slides
  2. Powerpoint
  3. Google Docs
  4. Microsoft Word
  5. Google Sheets
  6. Excel
  7. Airtable
  8. Youtube videos
  9. Vimeo videos
  10. Loom
  11. Figma files
  12. Calendly booking pages
  13. Typeforms 
  14. Local files

Instant notifications

When a specific event occurs in a given micro-portal the owner of the portal or the external collaborator can be notified. 

For example, the platform can send reminder emails to prospects who have one more day before a deadline for a specific task. 

Or, the platform can send email notifications to portal owners if a prospect is being active on the micro-portal that will signal that the deal is hot. 

Get on the same page

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Anita Kirkovska