How to create a marketing one-pager?

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Marina Trajkovska

Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand.

After all, without sales there would be no need for marketing and vice versa.

In this article, we'll provide a step-by-step guide to creating a successful marketing one-pager.

We'll explore how to determine what should be included in your one-pager, how to structure the document, and how to make sure it is effective at communicating your product’s strongest features.

What is a one pager in marketing?

A one pager in marketing is a concise, single page document that outlines the essential information about your business and its services. It is used to provide a comprehensive summary to decision-makers and to serve as a reference point during the sales process. An effective one pager can help your buyers to promote your product internally and increase the number of closed deals for your company.

How to create a marketing one-pager?

Creating a marketing one pager is relatively simple.

Just start by brainstorming all of the important points you want to include. Once you have your list, start organizing it into a cohesive document.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  1. What is the one-liner that explains the biggest value for my product?
  2. Which are the main pain-points that my product solves?
  3. Which are the key solutions that we offer?
  4. Which case studies communicate our biggest values?
  5. Do we have enough customer reviews to show?

Once you have an idea of the information you want to include, start organizing it into a cohesive document. Be sure to include headers and sub-headers to make it easier to read.

With a bit of effort and creativity, you can create a great marketing one-pager.

What to include in a marketing one-pager?

A marketing one-pager should include a few key components.

In the top section, you should include your company name and logo, plus a short product description.

The middle section should include the pain points your product is solving and how it resolves them, as well as any features and benefits that showcase the value propositions rather than just listing features.

If someone requests a specific feature, be sure to highlight it here.

For example: If someone asked you for a specific integration like Salesforce, you can include relevant information on your integration and what kind of options do you support.

At the bottom of the page, include customer reviews and case studies to demonstrate how your product is solving specific problems for other companies, as well as your contact details such as your website or a booking link.

Once you’ve included all of your information, you can start thinking about design.

Designing your marketing one pager

The most important part of your marketing one-pager is the content. But, having good and clean design, can make the content easily digestible.

It is essential to keep the design clean and simple, so that the content is easy to read and understand.

Avoid adding too much clutter, as this can make it difficult for your audience to comprehend the information.

With the right balance of design and content, you can create an effective one-pager.

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Marina Trajkovska